Mike & LeAnn's Wedding Package

The commission concept for this project included designing labels, playing card backs and stickers to capture and unify the eclectic theme of the wedding. Mike and LeAnn shared several common interests and struggled to pinpoint how to describe their aesthetic. They had elements from favorite movies, books, music and board games. I used certain decorative elements such as the pinwheel and the rainbow color palette to produce these graphics.  
Brochures, Ads, Business Cards & More
Business cards for promoting 3rd Saturday Open Studio feature the icon on one side over an actual display of goods made by Dawna Magliacano and Kaitlin Savage. It uses textures and the color palette from the brand guide in a vertical orientation. 
Postcard Mailers are an excellent marketing tool for reaching potential patrons, art vendors, and those interested in taking workshops to learn a new skill.
Newspaper Ads
These ads were designed during my time working as an Ads Specialist for a publication based in Texas. I asked my manager to send me her top favorite designs I produced. The challenges around most of these are the same, work with the artwork owner/ad sales specialist and the client to come up with the final design. Some clients wanted more information, and I would push for visual impact. The best ads work the best with the clearest communication.
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